September 16, 2014

Decadent chocolate chip cookie/chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse

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Yesterday my Son turned 12 years old. With his Birthday being on a School day and him being a Middle Schooler, he’d already told me that he didn’t want to take anything to share with his class (I guess you don’t do that in Middle School).  I wanted to bake him a special cake to take with us when we went out for dinner with his Friend. It seems  like we are always rushed for time and running here there and everywhere but  I knew that he would love this cake. He loves ‘Bobby Flay’s Dark Chocolate Mousse’ so I decided to incorporate that into his Birthday cake. I decided on a white chocolate chip, chocolate chunk cookie cake with a rich chocolate cake and filled with a dark chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate buttercream. I know, chocolate overload but that’s what he loves. Warning….Do not eat this cake before bedtime… will keep you awake!!

I started with my own cookie recipe (sorry I can’t share that one), but you can use your favorite or even buy some cookie dough from your local supermarket. I baked my cookie cake a few days ahead of time and froze it until I needed it. Just wrap your cookie cake in some plastic wrap/press and seal and store in a freezer bag. I made a total of three cookie cakes with my recipe. I’m used to baking a big batch of cookies, so used this same recipe.


I then decided to use a box caked mix, I could have made my own but with being pressed for time and a busy Mum of 3 children, at different schools, realized that this was my best option. I baked my chocolate cake, cooled them and then froze them also.  Yesterday I defrosted my larger cookie cakes and the large chocolate cake. It was then time to work on the chocolate mousse. I used Bobby Flay’s Dark Chocolate Mousse recipe. I’ve made this Mousse numerous times with rave reviews and my Son LOVES it.

I sliced my cookie cake and chocolate cakes in half and then started the assembly. Chocolate Mousse filled each delicious layer and then I topped with a chocolate buttercream frosting and sprinkles. Here’s a slice of the cake, I may or may not have just eaten this piece for lunch!.


Thanks for reading…..



October 1, 2013

Apple Bread Pudding

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Wish I could say it ‘feels like Fall’ in sunny Florida but unfortunately it’s still in the 90 degree range most days….I’m definitely ready for some cooler weather. When we lived in New Jersey, my Husband and I used to love to go Apple picking with friends. I’ve made many an apple dessert but never actually tried Bread Pudding (or as they say in England, Bread & Butter Pudding). I searched online and found an easy and delicious sounding recipe from Carla Hall (The Chew). I didn’t use heavy cream in mine as didn’t have any, so for a lighter version, I used 2% milk. I also used Peter’s Orchards ‘Jonathan’ Apples, never used these before but they are slightly sweet apples …..if you follow the recipe it’s extremely simple, just need to have patience, as the hardest thing for me to do was to leave the bread pudding to sit at room temperature for an hour, I managed about 40 minutes and then popped it in the oven to bake……

In England, we’d probably serve it with custard (I can find the custard powder in Publix) but we’ll probably eat it plain or with some whipping cream!

The recipe is linked below and I’ve attached a few photos of my Apple Bread Pudding…..Thanks Carla for the recipe….


January 23, 2012

Valentine’s Day crafts and treats

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Wow….can’t believe January is nearly over. Happy 2012 to everyone and thanks for supporting my little blog. Just really getting started but wanted to share some cute Valentine treats and crafts that I’ve made. We even had to make a special trip today to ‘Michael’s’ so my children could each get a glue gun! and I’m happy that I finally figured out the sewing machine.

Valentine’s Sweetie Pie Pops – I am a little obsessed with cute little individual desserts so made these ‘strawberry/chocolate’ pie pops. I used store bought pie crust and cut out the heart shapes with a cookie cutter. Slice a strawberry and sprinkle in some chocolate chips and cover with another heart shaped pie cut out. I used alphabet cookie cutters to spell out ‘sweetie’ and baked at 375 degrees until golden brown.


Valentine’s Day….You make my heart ‘pop’ marshmallow pops…..dip marshmallow pop in your choice of chocolate or candy melts, dip into pop rocks candy. I added a candy heart sprinkle.

Chocolate ganache covered shortbread heart cookies

Craft – Pocket Sized hand sanitizer Valentine themed holders. These are extremely popular at my Daughter’s School, they can be clipped onto a lunch box or backpack. I can create in your choice of colours.

 Thanks so much for reading….


October 22, 2011

Halloween crafts and treats

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Feels like I haven’t written a blog post in ages… are a few Halloween treats and crafts I’ve been working on….enjoy:

Spooky Smores:


Marshmallows, Edible Pen, Candy Melts, Crushed Graham Crackers and Long Pretzels.

  • Draw a ghosty face on the marshmallow with edible pen
  • Melt candy melts in microwave
  • Dip bottom of  marshmallow into candy melts and crushed graham crackers
  • Push pretzel stick into end of marshmallow (melted candy side)
  • Leave to dry and then package in clear cellow bag and add ribbon
  • Enjoy








 Candy Lollipops







Fabric Craft…..feeling a little ‘Batty’







Mini chocolate chip pumpkin bread








August 11, 2011

Back to School

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We are on the school count down here….my oldest daughter will be a 7th grader next Thursday….where does the time go?. In keeping with the ‘back to school’ theme, just wanted to share a couple of gift ideas with you, for a special/new Teacher.

I made some cute ‘pencil’ shortbread cookies. Didn’t have a cookie cutter so made my favourite Shortbread recipe and cut a large rectangle, cut them into pencil shapes and then made the pointy tip for the pencil. I used ‘pencil’ coloured sugar sprinkles to mimic a real pencil.

Here’s my apple fabric craft:

Sample gift for Teacher:

Here’s another idea using a little house box that I found at Michael’s: Included are 3 boxes of crayons, 2 packs of glue sticks and an apple shortbread cookie.

Thanks for reading:)



July 24, 2011

Let Faith bake for you!

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Do you love to eat cookies but have no time to bake?…..
Do you need personalized party favors but have no time to create?
Let Faith bake them and package them for you.

Welcome to the Faiths Cookies Blog

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Welcome to our new blog where over the coming weeks, months and years we will be bringing you the latest news from inside Faiths Cookies in a more interactive way than was possible before.

We want and need your input to keeps things fresh and funky so you need get involved.

So whatever the discussion of the day maybe don’t forget to give us your feedback as it’s this kind of input that helps us make Faiths Cookies the unique, sweet business it is.

So check back soon for all the latest.

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