September 16, 2014

Decadent chocolate chip cookie/chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse

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Yesterday my Son turned 12 years old. With his Birthday being on a School day and him being a Middle Schooler, he’d already told me that he didn’t want to take anything to share with his class (I guess you don’t do that in Middle School).  I wanted to bake him a special cake to take with us when we went out for dinner with his Friend. It seems  like we are always rushed for time and running here there and everywhere but  I knew that he would love this cake. He loves ‘Bobby Flay’s Dark Chocolate Mousse’ so I decided to incorporate that into his Birthday cake. I decided on a white chocolate chip, chocolate chunk cookie cake with a rich chocolate cake and filled with a dark chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate buttercream. I know, chocolate overload but that’s what he loves. Warning….Do not eat this cake before bedtime… will keep you awake!!

I started with my own cookie recipe (sorry I can’t share that one), but you can use your favorite or even buy some cookie dough from your local supermarket. I baked my cookie cake a few days ahead of time and froze it until I needed it. Just wrap your cookie cake in some plastic wrap/press and seal and store in a freezer bag. I made a total of three cookie cakes with my recipe. I’m used to baking a big batch of cookies, so used this same recipe.


I then decided to use a box caked mix, I could have made my own but with being pressed for time and a busy Mum of 3 children, at different schools, realized that this was my best option. I baked my chocolate cake, cooled them and then froze them also.  Yesterday I defrosted my larger cookie cakes and the large chocolate cake. It was then time to work on the chocolate mousse. I used Bobby Flay’s Dark Chocolate Mousse recipe. I’ve made this Mousse numerous times with rave reviews and my Son LOVES it.

I sliced my cookie cake and chocolate cakes in half and then started the assembly. Chocolate Mousse filled each delicious layer and then I topped with a chocolate buttercream frosting and sprinkles. Here’s a slice of the cake, I may or may not have just eaten this piece for lunch!.


Thanks for reading…..



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